Original thread comes from BHW (OP is Futurex) but I think his journey worth sharing here. I've compiled all the useful notes here for yours and my convenience. Thinking of starting a journey on this and hoping anyone who has the experience and earned with this method could give a couple of tips/opinions.

Anyway here's the method:

Currently I have a few sites making $300 to $500 a day, with about 300k UV a day in total (I monetize the sites with 1 pop/user/24 hour only. It means the income can be higher if I add some CPA network into the sites, and the other reason for this low earning is because I only choose to have clean ads - which gives lower CPM than other ads) => This is to prove that this niche is not yet oversaturated

Click the attachment for screenshot of my current earning with the pop-up in the last few months

[Image: 5e1fd92472d785f5cad4bc7276ebb4b9.png]

As there're so many people getting interested in this niche, here I will review how a streaming site is built and promoted. (this is a review so you will understand how a movies site works, not a guide so I won’t go into details)

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