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lottery in london
lottery in london A mystery London lottery winner has just lost out on £1 million after failing to claim their life-

changing prize by the deadline.

Euro Millions players were urged to check their tickets earlier this week to see if they had scooped the jackpot before

the ticket became invalid on Wednesday.

The winning Millionaire Maker ticket, with a code of VSHS38986, was bought from a shop in Lewisham, south London, on January 29.

lottery in london ! lotto results history ! national lottery results today ! national lottery ! lotto results history!

‘However, the money will now add to the £36 million raised on average each and every week for National Lottery-

funded projects across the UK.’

Camelot’s Mr Carter urged all players to make sure they check their tickets after numbers have been drawn.

He said: ‘We’re encouraging everyone to check their tickets online at national-lottery.co.uk or by downloading the

National Lottery app, and to buy or check their tickets in retail in line with government guidance. 

‘Playing online via the website or app means that your ticket is checked, and you get an email notification if you win a prize. 

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