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Simple dll that will unlock the external dev console on any 32 bit call of duty that allows it other than black ops 1 and 2 single player mode and call of duty 4. Should work in any cracked/alternative versions that release aswell only tested on redacted but should work on iw4x if you have a injector that works for it and whatever other version their are.

1. Start the game in the mode you want the console
2. Inject into the game
3. Enter the Dvars/Commands you want to use most of them will only work as host some examples of how to type them:
g_speed 1000
bg_gravity 100
cg_fov 120
you can google for the many others but not every command will work here is a link where nearly all commands are listed -

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1. For black ops 2 TAC detects thread creation you will be flagged and eventually banned if you don't use a injector with thread hijacking and i'm unsure if VAC is enabled on the main menu of multiplayer/zombies if so you will need a undetected injector aswell. I'm unsure if TAC on black ops 1 has the same detection if so then you will need to do the same.
2. If you're using a public injector be sure to close it before entering a game or you will be VAC banned for the injector being detected.

Download Link:
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