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Hi everyone,
I am sharing my new antiban memory Script for PUBG Mobile 1.1 Android users
I am officially working on Android hacks from season 9.
I created many antiban memories in previous seasons also going on.

Script type = Lua Game Guardian
Device = Android
Game = Pubg Mobile 1.1
Script Function = Apply in lobby then play with many hacks no ban.

Antiban Values that I found with Game Guardian

Value Search = 133,378 (edit it with 0)
Value Search = 131,330;4,080 (refine 4080 and edit with 0)
Value Search = 20,461,224;1,426,063,364 (refine with 1,426,063,364 and edit with 0)
Value Search = 12,547;134,658 (refine 134,658 and edit with 0)

Semi-column seperates numbers

Note : All above values have type of DWORD and have region of C_ALLOC.

Now I have created a lua script for game guardian from above values that are mentioned below.

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os.remove function will remove a file from game data.

This Antiban Memory is Working Perfect in Pubg Mobile 1.1
Value Search

This Post Can be helpful for pc users. Convert these codes for pc so PC users also can enjoy.

I am trying to upload some ss of hicken dinners that I got with above Antiban Memory that we also call it Bypass Script.