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Hello. I have collected a lot of useful brushes than you might have need for.

Therefore, I uploaded it.
The pack contains brushes from Abstract to Grunge to Floral to Splatters to Vectors and more!

I'm sorry I can't provide a virus scan since the file is 100MB big. But scroll down to the bottom of the thread for user scans and trusts (Thanks so much to you =)
The pack contains like 20-30 .abr files and yeah.

Do I really need a virus scan for .abr files?
The brushes works in Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. Soon CS6 too I guess, lol.


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Download Separate (20-30 packs of brushes)
- Multiupload
- Mediafire

Download ONE huge pack with all the brushes in (Easiest install, and quickest)
- Multiupload
- Mediafire

Didn't find anywhere to scan it online, sorry, because of the file size. Scroll down to the bottom to see other users virus scans and trusts, thanks so much to you who did it!
If you download it and scan it with a program and when you find out it's clean please tell us, so I can write it in the topic for others to trust it and download. (At bottom)

Why do you do this?
I want to help people searching for good brushes so they don't need to use all their time to search for brushes - but download alot of good brushes at once. I also want to contribute to the HF community since I feel like I didn't do it enough yet.

Thanks, it's clean!
Your welcome.

- Deviantart
- Me for collecting

Heres some links to deviantart, I picked out the ones I thought were cool (this is just some of them) and useful.

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Heres some preview pics:
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Don't know how to add brushes to Photoshop?
Click here to see my tutorial!

Clean vouches:
- It's not really needed due to a brush pck can't have a virus in it. So if you cba to check up the extensions and everything, here you go:
Spoiler (Click to View)
- Anyone else? =)