Flameless Ration Heater Introduction
Product Description
Alunimium Heater
Product name: M.R.E HEATER also name Flameless Ration Heater
Content: Aluminium powder and Calcium Oxide
CAS No.: Calcium Oxide 1305-78-8; Aluminium powder 7429-90-5
Usage: To heat the food outside, whenever needed.
Advantages: 1.Easy to carry and use
2.No need fire and electricity
3.Safe and easy to use
Packaging & Shipping
It use standard export carton;
250 pics per carton;
1000 cartons per 20ft container
2000 cartons per 40ft container.
Shipping: by sea
Transport Hazard Class: 4.3
UN number: 2813
Packing Group: II
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Our Services
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Q: What is an MRE Heater?
A: The MRE heater or flameless Ration Heater is designed to sustain an individual when normal food heating service is not available.
One MRE Heater = one heater pad + one outer heater bag
One MRE Heater can heat 200g food for 15 minutes from 10degrees to 70degrees, which make the food is comfortably eaten.
Q: How is an MRE Heater packaged?
A. The M.R.E heater is packed in a plastic bag. It is lighter and it is a flat shape, which makes it easier to carry and store.
Q: What are the dimensions and weight of a standard case?
A. A standard case is 42"L x 25"W x 26"H and weighs 12 KGS.Food Heater manufacturers