Resetting Your Passcode

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Locate the back panel of the electronic element of the safe. Look for small holes or openings on the back or the bottom of the safe. Shine a flashlight through the holes and look inside for the backside of the control panel.[6]
There will be wires and electrical components on the back of the control panel.

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Insert a wire coat hanger through one of the holes of the safe. Take a wire coat hanger, unwind it, and straighten it out so it’s a long, thin wire. Slide the end of the wire hanger into 1 of the openings so you can access the control panel.[7]
Be careful not to jam the wire hanger into the opening or you could potentially damage the electronic keypad and be unable to reset it.

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Press the reset button on the inner keypad of the safe. Using your flashlight to guide the wire, look for the reset button on the backside of the control panel. It should be a small, black button with the word “Reset” next to it. Push the button with the end of the hanger.[8]
You may hear a beeping sound or the control panel may light up when you press the reset button.

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Enter a new passcode on the front of the keypad. Once you’ve pressed the reset button, you’ll be able to enter a new passcode on the front of the keypad. Type in a code that you know you’ll remember on the keypad.[9]
Write down the code or save it into your phone so you won’t lose it!

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Confirm the new code by pressing the set button next to the reset. Shine the flashlight through one of the openings and look for a button next to the reset button labeled “Set.” Press the button with the end of your wire to confirm the new passcode that you entered.[10]
The control panel may beep or light up after you confirm the code.
The set button may not be labeled or it may have a checkmark on the front of the panel.

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Open the safe by entering your new passcode. Remove the wire from the safe and enter your new code into the control panel on the front of the safe. Then, open up your safe after the locking mechanism is disengaged.[11]
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