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Legit no recoil tool for ALL EMULATORS

Posted by : RockStar
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Video tutorials if you don't understand anything


This is a mouse macro tool designed for PUBG Mobile on any emulators, and will work on ANY mouse. As said in the title, this is a LEGIT no recoil, meaning that your shots will not be a laserbeam, so do not expect 100% perfect shots.
  1. Advantages: Macros are harder to detect than memory hacks. You look more legit in matches (much less likely to be reported)
  2. Disadvantages: It is near impossible to code a perfect no recoil using macro. You will still get some (mostly horizontal) recoil.

As such, this tool is designed as an assistant to replace aimbots/MB/BT, in order to be more legit and reduce your ban chance.

This tool supports 7 guns (AKM, SCAR, M416, M762, QBZ, SKS, MINI). However, as this release is a source, you are more than able to add your own gun profiles as you see fit. I only included these 7 guns because those are the 7 guns I use the most often. This tool also supports compensators/vertical grip and standing/crouching

Without tool
[Image: kHmxkz2.png]
With tool
[Image: ElNBzqP.png]
Visual Studio 2019
.NET Framework 4.7.2
InputSimulator (installable via Nuget)
MouseKeyHook (installable via Nuget)

  1. Open source via VS 2019
  2. Install required packages (listed above)
  3. Compile source
Do not comment things like "Where is the .EXE file" or "How to make .EXE file". As said, one of the requirements is brain, so do not ask for spoonfeeding. If you don't know how to compile a source just Google it.

(Important) How to adjust recoil settings
Mouse DPI: 100
Sensitivity (In-game): RedDot/Holo: 14%, 2x: 10%, 3x: 6%, 4x: 4%, 6x: 2%, 8x: 1%
If your hardware/sensitivity isn't the exact same as mine (shown above), then the macro is not optimized for you. You can optimize it by adjusting the recoil settings.
First, know what the "weaponcode" is. Below is a pseudocode of how "weaponcode" is made up of:
    array[] = {"AKM", "SCAR", "M416", "M762", "QBZ", "SKS", "MINI"}
[color=#ffffff]    int guncode = index_of_gun_in_array [/color]

[color=#ffffff]    int scope = magnification_of_scope (Holo/Red dot is 1)[/color]
[color=#ffffff][size=small][size=small]    int weaponcode = guncode * 10 + scope

and simply tweak the value "10".


In order to maximize convenience, this tool has several hotkeys built in so you don't have to manually adjust in-game.

F1: On
F2: Off
1: Switch to gun 1
2: Switch to gun 2
Numpad X: Change the currently selected gun's scope to X scope
c: Toggle between crouch and stand

If you are a Gameloop player, these hotkeys should match up with the default Gameloop keyboard mappings. (For instance, C is crouch, 1/2 is toggle guns) which is why I designed it this way. However, if you are on LDPlayer or Smartgaga, then either change the hotkeys in the source, or change your keymappings so it matches up with the hotkeys in the tool.


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