The Name of Product: Mixed tocopherols
Appearance: Brownish red viscous oil
Specification: 50%, 70%, 90%, 95%
The Appearance of mixed tocopherols is brownish red viscous oil. The mixed tocopherols is derived from soybean fatty acid and other edible vegetable oil fatty acid. The color of mixed tocopherols is related to the concentration of product. The high content mixed tocopherol is brownish red viscous oil. The concentration of mixed tocopherol we produced can reach 99%.
Mixed tocopherols can be used as antioxidant in food, dietary supplement, feed and industrial field. The safety and activity of natural vitamin E are higher than synthetic vitamin E, so natural vitamin E is more reailable as antioxidant.
Mixed tocopherols we produced conforms to USP43, FCC and GB-1886.233-2016. We has set very high quality standards with standardization in raw material purchase, Quality control, manufacturing excellence and supply chain partners. We have strictly controlled the production process including indicators of product and reagent for each production link. Our company have gained ISO9001锛?015, ISO22000锛?018, FSSC22000, IP, Kosher Certificate, Halal Certificate, IP Certificate and HACCP Plan.
Storage: Store in tightly closed containers, fill with nitrogen, keep in cool and dry. Protect from heat, light and oxygen.Mixed Tocopherols factory