Despite releasing the previous Franchise Mode upgrade, Madden 21 may still have some lingering glitches and Madden 21 coins odd AI logic. Players can give control to the AI for training decisions throughout the season including gameplans for upcoming matches. One Madden participant shared with the gameplan for a significant game that comprises an extremely strange offensive attention. Rather than a common offensive focus like conducting or play action passes, the AI chose the offensive attention would be punting.

It seems the AI trainer may lack confidence in its own players' ability to score, or believes that the punter could use some help. The reason why the AI coach chose on this gameplan remains a puzzle, but it might be that the participant has endured some punting issues in prior games. However, with so many Franchise Mode glitches, it is likely that this training decision is just another one.

The questionable training decision doesn't look like it'll do much injury for the entire year, and will just bring about a tiny increase to the participant's punting, which may wind up being more helpful than anticipated. Luckily, in the event the strange gameplan is a bug, then it doesn't violate the match like many past bugs in Madden NFL 21. Players may laugh in the training decision, especially since many have likely seen the offensive gameplan options and never chosen punting.

With EA releasing the previous Franchise Mode update for Madden 21, it appears the focus has shifted to the release of Madden NFL 22. Even though the title hasn't been officially announced, it's expected to launch later this season, given the history of annual Madden releases. Rumors suggest the next Madden cover star has already been selected, though EA has not formally revealed this info.

Madden NFL 22 hasn't officially been confirmed, but it appears as close to certain as one can be that it's going to be coming this year. While an argument could be made that Digital Arts ought to take a year off from the Madden NFL series, there's hardly any chance that will actually occur. Assuming there is going to be a different chapter in the franchise, there should be a concerted effort when it comes to the quality of the game. In a nutshell, whatever is supplied at Madden NFL 22, it needs to buy Madden nfl 21 coins be a large debut in contrast to how Madden NFL 21 was launched.