"It wasn't a good flight back home to Milwaukee, so when you're on a team like this, the atmosphere is a little different, and tonight was a must-win for us and that's how we played and that's how we came out from the jump."

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association will have a finalized agreement for an All-Star Game on March 7 in Atlanta by next week, according to a league memo shared with teams and obtained by ESPN.San Antonio Spurs

"And there's got to be a patience around it in terms of we're not going to be perfect every night. When he doesn't have good games and things kind of change from night to night, that he has to stay engaged, stay aware. ... I think the biggest thing is that he can impact games with his energy and his defensive presence and discipline. And then offensively, that's going to come with just more reps and understanding how we're trying to execute on that end of the floor."

“So, you know, offensively it's about six or seven things we want to get better at, and we have. We have, we can do that, so we're going to continue to keep working on [it] every day. Days of practice, shootarounds, just keep getting better at it because I think going forward it's going to be big, it's going to be huge for us.”Phoenix Suns

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The Heat, looking to make a return trip to the NBA Finals, signed Bradley to a two-year, $11.6 million contract this past offseason. Bradley had spent the previous campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers, but opted out of the NBA bubble due to family concerns.

This is a really good spot for a Lakers bounce-back performance, especially as it’s expected that Davis will return to the lineup.Memphis Grizzlies

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Starring in the NBA is an incredibly lucrative profession with salaries that often top $30 million for the best players in the league, and expensive endorsement deals layered on top. Each year, Forbes does their best to compile estimates for each player’s yearly earnings and rank the richest of the richest.Indiana Pacers

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