The NBA has been working to educate teams and players on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, including mandatory team seminars with Dr. Leroy Sims, the league's senior vice president of medical affairs.

"Not that they don't have any issues, but they seemingly have a lot fewer issues than some of the other teams in the league. Draymond, the way his sharp mind works, has an opportunity to take some digs at other teams and in turn build up the Warriors franchise."New Orleans Pelicans

We can argue all day about whether or not Green deserved a double technical in that critical of a moment, and it’s no surprise NBA officials made a controversial call at the worst possible time. Nonetheless, Draymond has to be better in that situation, and he acknowledged as much to his teammates after their loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

"HBCUs provided premium education to our communities at a time when access to higher learning was denied to us," NBPA executive director Michele Roberts said in a statement announcing the league's decision to have the game. "They were there -- and have remained there -- for us. We now stand with them."Sacramento Kings

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He brought it in for a huddle, and there was some standard joyful commotion, but then a brief pause. There was an understanding someone else had the floor, as he does after every game when he wants it.

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He’s also averaging a career-low 10.4 shot attempts per game, on a career-low 20.4 usage rate. And his halfcourt self-creation rate doesn’t appear to have meaningfully changed — nearly half of his finished offensive possessions have come in transition, on putbacks or on cuts to the basket.Washington Wizards

"At first it was 'oh, he has MVP numbers.' And now, we're all in quarantine, people don't have a choice but to watch the game instead of being box score fans, now you're actually seeing what I'm doing on the floor on a nightly. And so I think that plays a part in it. Being able to have people watch your games more."Orlando Magic