Holmes needs to make the smarter moves for depth instead of the splash signing. That can’t happen if Judon commands more of the salary cap available.

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Just last May, fellow running back Aaron Jones – who is also scheduled to be a free agent – said he’d love to be a “lifelong Packer.” The team has yet to re-sign Jones, the starter and the other half of a productive and effective running back duo over the last few seasons.

Where will Aaron Jones end up playing next season? The standout running back is a free agent for the first time in his career and several teams are interested in getting him to sign on the dotted line. While Packers fans are hoping he returns to Lambeau Field, that may not be the case.Las Vegas Raiders for Face Masks

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It’s easy for fans to lose track of players once they leave their favorite organization. After faithfully watching a player for 16-18 weeks a year and for multiple years, a player goes to another squad via free agency or trade and a fan is left with the memory of who that guy was in the uniform they cheer for.Minnesota Vikings for Face Masks

Garoppolo might not be a bargain at his scheduled pay of $25.5 million (salary and bonuses) for the upcoming season, but the 49ers do not believe he is overpaid, either.

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Finding a new nickname is something that has to be done right, as it will be the outward mark of the Washington franchise’s legacy for decades to come. So credit to those who will make the decision in the organization for taking it slowly, and fleshing out the full process with a deliberate timeline in mind.New York Giants for Face Masks

The final year of Roethlisberger's current deal comes with a $41.2 million cap hit, although a contract restructure and extension could lower that by a maximum of about $14 million.Philadelphia Eagles for Face Masks