Cool [PC] New*2020 Money+RP Drop

1) No typing in in-game chat. (You're allowed to chat, just dont spam)
2) No spending money in the lobby you got it in
3) No killing each-other or running into somebody's circle to take their cash
4) Don't deposit the modded money into the bank
5) Make sure your profile isn't private
6) Do not invite any users outside the drop
7) DO NOT report any participants of the drop
8)No Yelling in Mic Pleaseee
9)Do Not pick up Collectibles When Doing Rp it will stop automatically

How to get in the lobby:
1.Add MrRumi on SC.
2. Reply with your SC username on this thread.
3.Join the lobby. It will be a friends only lobby, so when i accept you. You can join by yourself.
[Image: hs9GbsG.gif]