Riser cutting machine for Motorcycle wheel
Suit 10-18 inch wheel riser&gate cutting, and central hole drilling
Cycle time is less than 20 seconds
Able to equipped with wheel model detecting device, realize different model wheel machining meantime.It consists of loading conveyor, tilting transport part, four-station rotary part, riser cutting power head, gate cutting power head, unloading conveyor and control system, etc. Wheels are manually placed onto loading conveyor, and cutting finished wheels go to unloading conveyor and picked up manually. The working flow of the machine is indicated as below:
Loading conveyor is two layers of hollow roller in length of 3m, effective width of roller is 600mm.Guide device is equipped on conveyor, according to the wheel size difference, the effective width of roller can be adjusted manually, in order to make sure wheel is moving in the middle of roller.
E.g. There is lifting & descending structure and blocking structure on loading conveyor. Blocking structure has different level setting. Based on wheel size difference, manually adjust the structure to according level to realize proper blocking.Post Processing Machine manufacturers