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Hello everyone!

Today i present you StarCheats, a free undetected cheat.

There are three different versions of the cheat:

Basic - Mainly protects you from those toxic as fuck p2c users.
Standard - Mainly is the standard Menu.
Extreme - Basically a p2c but free !?

Today i am releasing the Basic version, tested it for a couple of days and it is undetected.

I'm still a novice in GTA 5 hacking so bare with me null

Standard and Extreme are following next week (still testing it).

Basic Picture:

[Image: FRJJcaA_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand]

Monday or thursday Extreme and Standard are following.

DownloadTongueM ME

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How to use:
Download the injector (any injector) and inject StarCheats.dll into GTA5.

Developer: Me (Jan)

Version: 0.2.3

Feature List:

    God Mode
    No Ragdoll
    Super Jump
    Never Wanted
    Fast Run 
    Fast Swim
    Super Man
    Small Player
    Mobile Radio
    Random Outfit
    Instant Shower
    Network Options:
    Kill Player
    Weapon Options:
    Rapid Fire
    Fire Ammo 
    Explosive Ammo 
    RPG Gun 
    Infinite Ammo
    Vehicle Options:
    Vehicle Spawner >>
    Vehicle God Mode
    [Extreme] Vehicle God Mode
    Engine Always On
    Race Boost
    No Gravity
    Rainbow Car
    Fix Car
    Max Pimp Car (Modded Purple)
    Put car on ground [Flip Car]
    Open & Close Doors
    Misc Options: 
    Local Weather
    Kill Nearby Peds
    Explode Nearby peds & Vehicles
    Delete Nearby Cars
    Local Time