Are free reverse cell phone directories the real deal or just phony setups? This is important since many people would like to perform a reverse cell phone search and if possible USA Phone Number List do so for free. Unfortunately, this is often met with disappointment when they realize that they not only cannot find the details of the fellow who owns the unknown cell phone number, a lot of time is wasted in the whole process. Let us attempt to answer this question of whether free or paid reverse cell phone lookup directories are worth searching at all.

We will first try to understand what the purpose of a reverse phone number search is. Assuming you have a phone number but you do not know who it belongs to or where does the USA Phone Number List owner live. But you wish to find out all these information. It is not always a bad thing since you could be trying to locate an old friend and all you have is a phone number which could be obsolete. In other cases, you could be suspecting your spouse of having an affair behind your back or you are trying to nail that prankster who keeps calling you. This is why you need to do a reverse phone search, and to be specific you need a reverse cell phone lookup.

Directories that offer free reverse phone searches are available online. You can find business, residential and toll-free phone numbers in such directories and do so for free. But listen carefully to this. These directories exist but they are pretty limited in their phone databases. Since a lot of USA Phone Number List our landline numbers are listed as public domain information, what these free reverse phone number lookup directories offer are essentially just that and nothing else. Our mobile phone numbers are held by the telecommunications companies. These are not free public domain information that are accessible to anyone. In recent years, there is an agreement established with several established online portals to make this database available.