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Russian film crew travels from ISS back to Earth

Posted by : jiraporn66
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AP news agency It was reported on October 17 that the Russian Soyush capsule carried a Russian astronaut along with a Russian film star and film director. returned to Earth safely at 11.35 on the same day. according to the time in Thailand Using a lifeboat landed in the vast plains of Kazakhstan. After spending 12 days filming on the International Space Station (ISS)

Passengers back to Earth this time include Mr. Oleg Novitsky, a Russian cosmonaut. who lived on the ISS for more than six months and was also cast in the world's first film filmed in space, actress Yulia Peresild, who is The lead actor and Mr. Klim Shipenko, the director of the film.

Perezild and Chipenko departed the world on October 5. To film some scenes of the movie "Challenge" on the ISS space station for 12 days, according to the story, Perezild, who plays a surgeon. was urgently taken to the ISS. for life-saving surgery An astronaut with Novitsky, a Russian cosmonaut was chosen to play the role astronauts who have to undergo such emergency surgery

News reports stated that All landed safely on earth. was brought into the gravity-adjusted building Then was taken to the physical examination room. All were in good spirits, in good health. Yulia also received a large bouquet of flowers as a welcome back to Earth.
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