This is an informative thread, every method you find listed in this thread is a scam.
Scams are spread because if you are in need of money, you'll probably fall for anything.
Don't waste a dollar and a second of your time on these scams, report the threads instead.
If you've been scammed, double check if there's any chargeback option for your payment method.
If you've been scammed by a community member, open a thread in Deal disputes and follow the format.

DOUBLE DEPOSITS, BITCOINS DUPLICATION ─ NitrogenSports, 1xBit, bitcoin duplication methods
Any extention coming from an unverified, unofficial source claiming to be a gambling site, a sports betting site, promising to double your deposit as soon as you install a browser extension.
"I've checked the extension's source code and it appears that once installed, the extension will open a new tab in your browser, redirect you to [site]'s cashier page (where you deposit the funds), and then change's the deposit address to the scammer's" from OmegaStarScream.

TELEGRAM ─ Faucet bots, Crypto wallet bots
Any Telegram bot that is advertised as a faucet bot, or a crypto wallet bot, that promises to make you earn crypto or other currencies just by clicking a button.
It's a pyramidal scam: the bot shows ads and as soon as you view enough of them, you are required to refer 10 people and then to buy a subscription.
The more people try the bot, the more people are refered, the higher is the chance of someone buying a subscription and the more money are scammed.

SCRIPTS and EXTENSIONS ─ G2A exploit, Amazon exploit, GameMoney exploit, Chaturbate exploit, giftcard exploit, timezone exploit
Any exploit that requires an extension to be installed with Tampermonkey, or a code to be put into the browser console.
People have been spamming this scam for over a year, using countless accounts to post threads and fake feedbacks to bait more people.
All these extensions and scripts do is change the Bitcoin address of your payment to send money directly to the scammer's address.
There's plenty of fake videos, proofs, feedbacks from multi and stolen accounts, to scam as much money as possible.

Any working exploit to get anything free would never be public because none would benefit from it.

GAMBLING SCRIPTS ─ CatchaBTC scripts, Bitcoin gambling scripts
The scam isn't in the script itself but in the site, unknown and fake gambling sites like CatchaBTC.
Anyone can buy a cheap domain and host a gambling site, don't waste your time and money on gambling copycats.
If you want to bet your money, refer to sites that have millions of Google results and are well known amongst gamblers.
Gambling sites will do anything in order to convince you to make a deposit. Those are money you'll never see again.

ADS ─ Viewing paid advertising sites, *money.xyz, *money.club, *money.icu
Any service that has "Viewing payed advertising sites" in its title and requires you to solve captchas.
There are some legitimate captcha solving sites that pay you a miserable amount of money, but there's plenty of scams as well.
All of these sites have the same page design and a similar URL (ending in .xyz, .club, .icu) so you can easily recognize them.
Once you sign up, you have to solve captchas and refer people in order to withdraw. Of course, you're never going to withdraw.

FARMING SITES ─ Golden-farm, goldenfarm, golden-mines, golden-tea
The site requires you to make an initial deposit to acquire on-site currency that you are going to spend to get virtual items such as birds, mines, tea plants or anything else that doesn't have any real life value; every bought item will generate a specific amount of virtual money. The problem begins when people advertise this game as a miraculous money making machine, while if you read the Terms of Service you will find out that you can withdraw from 30% to 80% of the money you spent, so at the end of the day you aren't going to make any profit.

This is just another game that people advertise as a money machine and once again, reading the Terms and Conditions would be enough to understand that the credits and balances on the website are intended to be used on internal features of the website. None of credits, balances or other rewards on the website have real monetary value and user balances do not place the Website under an obligation and can be changed or nullified by the Website at any time and without prior notice.