There are some very important America Email List building rules that must be used in order to build what should be the most valuable asset of any online marketer's business. Once you have built an America Email List that you have cultivated to the point where you are trusted by your members, where they feel a bond and will follow your recommendations then it really is possible to use such a America Email List as a cash point. Yet to get to that position, you really have to be disciplined and ensure you are using every rule to your advantage. Also, an email list does not have to be large to America Email List be financially worthwhile.

The first rule is to view your prospect and customer America Email List as assets. This really is the best asset your online business can have, knowing that the list you have built now has a relationship with you and even feels that they must continue to America Email List rely on your for their information. Add in trust and it is a very attractive financial position to be in. It is so important to stay away from the sell, sell, sell type of online marketing. There is nothing worse than continually receiving America Email List after email from online marketers who keep pushing the latest "must have" secret or solution. They are not trying to build a relationship with their America Email List but all they are interested in is the sale.

The next rule is to use more than one list building America Email List source. Don't ever rely on just one source of targeted traffic arriving on your opt in page. There are many ways to attract such traffic such as blog posts, online articles, press releases, audios, videos, comments left on group pages and forums plus also using social media in specific ways. Different parts of your target market will be located in different platforms around the internet so it is the America Email List information marketer's job to go and hunt them down.