For anyone that lives in the United Kingdom, there are few things to know about what has already become a goner for the old style British island itself.

The education is shit, primarily in the eastern and western region outside the United Kingdom, countries would learn Mathematics regarding geometry formulas in the age of 10 while in the United Kingdom is 14, suggesting that they are behind four years than anyone else.

Most of the teachers around everywhere in the United Kingdom are else foreigners or else lazy British husses that can't be bothered to do anything, for example, if your exams are in months to come but your teachers from the start only thought you how to answer exam questions, which is dumb.

In the United Kingdom, they still haven't acknowledged the principles of exams, they are there to challenge your skills, as mentioned earlier, if your teachers only thought you about the exam questions so many times, well you are on a red zone, one in which is, exam questions could and can change any time, another one is, exams are there to challenge your skills, not that if you know how to approach them, which is something to do before 2 weeks of your exam, not your whole year of being in your English classroom.


Then the last bit is the multi-culture in the United Kingdom and their shitty Brexit, now imagine that they were once an empire, now if you see it now, they don't stand now as one and they count their self as one although most of their workers are foreigners, now when Brexit comes, who will work for them ?

Beware, the island has become shadier than a spider sneaking in your bed to wish you happy Halloween, even so, in most countries presidents or even prime ministers would announce best wishes for events, whilst in the United Kingdom they don't care when the new year comes, lol

The only thing that cracked.to members should know is, when you consider the UK and those who live in it, or even when you crack combos in the UK, wonder how stupid the next generation of theirs, is to come.