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On October 10, 1964, the Al Jazeera news website Then you will be happy inlife like never before. Because of this, we are an online casino website that offers the most famous online slots games in Thailand. In terms of deposit-withdrawal time will be accomplished withinทางเข้า slotxo30 seconds because we know that every second of your time means When the jackpot can be broken at any time Don't believe it until you try. Waiting to serve you with pleasure Good luck with your investment. The report, citing a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban ruling group, said a high-level Taliban government delegation had met with a US delegation in Qatar's Doha capital, the first time since. since the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August It was also the first foreign visit of a Taliban government official.

Amir Khan Muttaki, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the new administration Leading the Taliban's negotiating committee said the two sides discussed a new role in bilateral relations. Officials from the Afghan Taliban called on the US side to Unfreeze the assets of the Federal Reserve Bank of Afghanistan in the US

Afghan Taliban delegation urges US Respect Afghanistan's sovereignty over airspace does not interfere in Afghanistan affairs and stressed the importance of humanitarian aid as well as complying with the provisions of the Doha Agreement The two sides signed a contract in February 2020. Meanwhile, Muttaki said the two delegates would meet with EU representatives in the coming days. to discuss the latest developments.

Qatar has always played an important role in the peace process in Afghanistan. In the past, it has facilitated the evacuation and removal of many people from Kabul. Help Afghanistan reopen Kabul Airport To receive assistance and support various flights as well as providing financial assistance to Afghanistan for more than 50 million US dollars, or about 1,690 million baht.

The Taliban also has a political office in Doha. and many years ago Doha has become the site of several talks between the Afghan Taliban and the United States. and is the place where both sides reach a peace agreement between them. In February last year which eventually led to the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.