The White Sox might still have the best roster, on paper, in the AL. But while the Central Division hasn’t done much in the way of mounting challenges to that claim — no Central Division team has, as our Gordon Wittenmyer broke down recently — teams in the East and West are emerging as the other contenders for that title, and by extension the actual title that comes in late October: a pennant.Pittsburgh Pirates

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"I will not participate in the final year of voting. I am requesting to be removed from the ballot. I’ll defer to the veterans committee and men whose opinions actually matter and who are in a position to actually judge a player. I don’t think I’m a hall of famer as I’ve often stated but if former players think I am then I’ll accept that with honor."

There's certainly a scenario in which Duran either breaks camp with the team or joins the parent club after some seasoning in the minors. For one, if the Red Sox trade Andrew Benintendi and decline to re-sign center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr., their lineup will be overwhelmingly right-handed, with outfielder Alex Verdugo and third baseman Rafael Devers the only left-handed regulars.

“These are all special men,” said Mead, who as vice president of communications for the Angels over the years worked with Sutton, plus living Hall of Famers Rod Carew, Reggie Jackson and Nolan Ryan. “We’ve lost, as the Hall of Fame family, 10 distinguished members of this family, and that is challenging. But you’re also reminded that 10 organizations are affected, more certainly for the players who played in multiple organizations, and the game of baseball is saddened by it. And then there are the communities they were part of long after their careers….Tampa Bay Rays

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Schmidt, King and Jonathan Loaisiga could offer talented starting depth for an uncharted season. Hovering over 2021 for any club is how their pitchers might be affected by 2020, a year unlike any other. What’s the fallout from a season that began with spring training, followed by a COVID-19 shutdown, followed by a “Summer Camp” followed by an abbreviated, 60-game season and, in the Yanks’ case, postseason play?Los Angeles Angels

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(Note: I included players elected for their play in the Negro Leagues, using their active years as listed on Seamheads.com. For Negro Leaguers who played in MLB, such as Satchel Paige and Monte Irvin, their MLB years are included as well.)

"I hate seeing videos of the way I used to throw. It disgusts me," he said. "I kind of had like a coming-to-grips moment where I said, you know what, my current set of mechanics and what I'm doing isn't working. That's just the cold, hard truth. I need to change something or else my career is going to be over. So I stripped it all the way down. With rehab, all you have this time. I had 12, 15, 16 months to strip it down and kind of revamp my mechanics and revamp my career."Seattle Mariners