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[TuT]How To Setup DarkComet RAT 5.3.1 ||Portforwarding & With Pictures[TuT]

Posted by : W4RL0RD
Also, if you need ANY help with setting this up, feel free to shoot me a PM!

[Image: wJFkjoT.png]

[Image: 2TUJt.png]

So, what you want to do first is to download the RAT client, and then the No-IP DUC


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''I've reached the image limit, so I have to write here. Alot who tries this RAT out, runs their own server afterwards. It wont work on yourselves. IF you want to run it on yourself though, you would have to make a new server, and instead of putting your host in there (the Network/Connection tab), where you put the xxxx.no-ip.biz:200, you put -- so, NO host, only that IP number."

Create your server and run it, and hopefully it should work ^^

[Image: nANo9.png]

-- Just trying to show how a basic portforward would look like --

[Image: Obkpj.png]

[Image: IdbWW.png]

[Image: NN124.png]

[Image: luLEv.png]

[Image: D21OQ.png]

[Image: l65mW.png]

[Image: agBJ7.png]
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Thank you for your efforts must take time. Everyone is spying eventhough its a major sin. Swedish OS though, why? Det är inte ens logiskt för en svensk med tanke på vad de döpt vissa funktioner till. Peace.
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