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Glow: F1
Walls: F2
TriggerBot: LAlt (HOLD)
BunnyHop: F3
Stop/Play Music: F4
No Flash: F6
Radar System: F7
Panic/Exit Key: F8

Changelog (V2.0):

[+] Changed Music
[+] Optimized Glow
[+] No Flash (ASYNC)
[+] Optimized Bunnyhop
[+] Radar System (ASYNC)
[+] Better Panic Button
[+] Using New Music Library
[+] Fixed Performance Problems
[+] Automatically changes Program's name
[+] Automatically changes MD5, SHA1, SHA256
[+] Continuously randomizes Program's Title
[+] User can exit with F8 while "player is not in game" event

1. Download Vanety.
2. Extract .zip to a folder.
3. Launch "Vanety Launcher.exe"
4. Before exit Press F8 to clean traces and exit.

Q: The .zip or the .exe flags as a virus, what do I do?
A: Turn off your antivirus.
Q: The program closes when it opens, what do I do?
A: Make sure the program is located within the drive C:\, Run the program as Administrator.
Q: I closed the cheat but there is a file with a random name on the folder with the cheat.
A: Delete the other program, make sure next time you close the program with F8.
Q: I got VAC Banned.
A: That's unlucky, well it's not my fault.

Note to mods/staff: Vanety Loader does not automatically update/download anything; Only creates and deletes temporary files.

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