When buying/selling substances, the price has to be in the RS gold price range to that of the Grand Exchange. However, a business has the choice to just how much of a product a person could buy. By way of example, a mining cimpany may sell 100 adamant ores in 110k. There's absolutely no arbitrary collection of a product that a individual can purchase. This way, the company controls how much they produce.

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Begin with the pursuit by either talking to the Zamorak Monk, Priest, or Druid (all will be NPC's put at the church at varrock) The Quest is exactly the exact same regardless of which pirest you talk to, but the rewards will be different. Whichever priest you decide on, they'll tell you Father Uhrney from cheap RuneScape gold the restless ghost quest has found a special"package" and they need you to pick this up. Upon entering father uhrney's house, you fill find that he is now where to be found!